(2013) Act on Adult Education LXXVII - Hungary

in Official Statements

2013. évi LXXVII törvény a felnőttképzésről. Passed on June 3 2013, this new Hungarian Law on adult education is primarily concerned with a radical re-organisation of an adult vocational education and training sector separate from the school system. It contains requirements for organisation, content, quality assurance, implementation, licensing, monitoring , accreditation and electronic storage of information. However the Law also provides a wide range of definitions and refers to "adult education" which aims at "contributing to adult personality development, social equity and civic competence development." Egy felnőtt egy "jogi személy" több, mint 18, nincs utalás a felső korhatár részvétel "felnőttoktatás és felnőttképzés képzési tevékenységek támogatására." An adult is a "legal person" over 18; there is no reference to an upper age limit for participation in "adult education and adult support training activities".

A Magyar Közlöny – 96. (2013. június 13.) The Hungarian Gazette 96( June 13 2013).



Hungary, adult education, adult training, vocational education, regulations, definitions

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